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Runes Divination Course

Runes divination course Delhi, Runes Divination course institute in delhi, institute for runes divination in delhi, runes divination course in delhi The Guiding Auras Certified Runes Divination course will help you discover the oracular nature of the runes and how to use them as a magical tool for insight, protection, & luck!

The Certified Rune Divination Course delves into the history and meanings of runes and how to perform readings for yourself & others!

Whether you want to explore and understand your present life or delve what the future holds, working with Runes can be a powerful tool. With Guiding Auras Certified Rune Divination Course you will be able to help unlock the key to using this fascinating divination system.

Certified Basic Runes Divination Course --- Level 1

The Certified Basic Runes Divination Course includes origin of the runes, Discover the origin of runes , history of Runes and their uses in ancient times their basic meanings and much more..

Certified Advanced Runes Divination Course ---Level 2

In Certified Runes Divination level , as a means of furthering the understanding of Runes, it includes the associations each rune has with tarot,colors, herbs,etc.The meanings of the main symbols associated with each rune, how to interpret meaning when using runes in divination, complete description of the 24 Runes and much more..

Certified Professional Runes Divination Course --- Level 3

To complement the exploration of runic alphabets, the Certified Runes Professional level will include rune casting and rune spreads, how to use rune spreads , common rune spreads, bind runes and rune scripts and much more.

Certified Comprehensive Rune Divination Course

This Course includes the following levels:-

1. Certified Basic Runes Divination Course --- Level 1

2. Certified Advanced Runes Divination Course ---Level 2

3. Certified Professional Runes Divination Course --- Level 3

CERTIFICATION: - A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete the Course / Levels.

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