Prerna is a Co-founder of Guiding Auras and a Clairvoyant, Psychic and Intuitive Tarot Reader . Being an intuitive counsellor she has over 18 years of experience of reading for celebrities, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life

Prerna a clairvoyant and a psychic , was aware of her gifts from a very young age. She always had a strong interest in the Tarot cards ,Crystal healing and the Angelic realm and was strongly guided to help others. Her tarot readings are uncannily accurate, insightful and designed to enable the querant to gain purpose and direction in life. She works intuitively with the energy of the Angels, Archangels ,Ascended Masters, crystals and with techniques like Aromatherapy to help clients empower themselves and enable healing to take place at a higher level of consciousness.

Prerna has been regularly writing and contributing monthly Astrological forecasts for the Astrological Magazine Star Tellar Magazine and various other magazines on topics related to Crystal Healing and other healing modalities