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We at Guiding Auras with over 24 years of experience help you to rescript your Life, so you can pave the way to joy and personal power!

Courses We Offer


At Guiding Auras the Certified Tarot Course, all levels are designed in a simple yet detailed manner.


The art of Numerology is based on the personality of numbers, their inner nature and vibration.


This Certified Vaastu Course is aimed towards the centralized intention to explain Vaastu Shastra

Angel Reading

The Certified Basic Angel Healing Course is designed for students who want to connect with the Angels.

Crystal Healing

For as long as human beings have walked this planet, we have been fascinated by certain mysterious and beautiful stones.

Runes Casting Divination

The Certified Rune Divination Course delves into the history and meanings of runes and how to perform readings..

Universe is speaking to you always and at every turn!

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