Divya Khanna is a Co - Founder of Guiding Auras. She is a Psychic healer ,an Intuitive Tarot Reader counsellor , Numerologist, Crystal Healer, and a Clairvoyant having an experience for over 21 years

Divya is renowned for her accurate tarot readings and past life analysis and has over 21 years of experience of reading for celebrities, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life . With a wonderful nurturing approach she combines the messages from the Tarot cards, Angelic Realm , Numerology and techniques like crystal Healing , Past Life analysis ,she brings forward the root of the problem and offers a way to move forward in life with love, peace and happiness. With the power of her natural clairvoyant and intuitive skills she can identify the blockages within your Chakras and Aura and cleanse them allowing the correct flow of energy.

Divya has also been regularly Contributing Tarot Forecasts every year and various thoughts provoking articles for the esteemed magazine StarTellar and various other Astrological Magazines