Tarot Reading Course

If you have been ever intrigued by the Tarot but are confused how to step into the mystic world of Tarot and learn the Art of Tarot Reading then Guiding Auras is the right place for you!!

At Guiding Auras the Certified Tarot Course, all levels are designed in a simple yet detailed manner. Whether you are new to Tarot and want to acquire Tarot reading skills or just looking for a guide to polish your tarot reading skills, then this Certified Tarot Course is the course for you!

The Journey into the World of Tarot comprises of the following levels:-

Certified Basic Tarot Course --- Level 1
The Certified Basic Tarot course is designed for students who are interested in stepping into the world of tarot and want to learn more about Tarot. This level involves the basic knowledge of how tarot works, its structure, Major and Minor Arcana and much more.

After completing this level, you will be able to step into the world of Tarot Reading and will learn Tarot Reading with some basic tarot Spreads and initiate your journey into the world of Tarot.

Certified Advanced Tarot Course---Level 2
The Certified Advanced Tarot Course is Designed for students who want to take their Tarot Reading skills to a more advanced level. By the end of the Certified Advanced Tarot course, you will be able to interpret various combinations of Major Arcana, learn the association of Tarot with astrology & Numerology and much more. You will be able to confidently do Tarot Reading for friends, family members, and clients.

Certified Professional Tarot Course -- Level 3
The Certified Professional Tarot Course is Designed for those who want to expand their Tarot skills and talents and read Tarot with confidence!

After completing this level you will be able to time events with Tarot, depict seasons with tarot ,learn some advanced Tarot interpretation skills , connecting with the clients and much more

The course content includes:
1. Basic Level.
2. Advanced Level.
3. Professional Level.

Certified Past Life Tarot Reading Course
We can use the power of the Tarot cards to explore our past lives and know how it is effecting our present lives!

Certified Past life Tarot Reading Course is Designed for students who want to learn to explore past lives using Tarot Reading skills.

At the end of Certified Past Life Tarot Reading Course you will gain insight into various facets of past life reading, know about soul mate relationships and much more.

CERTIFICATION: - A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete the Course / Levels